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 Looking for an exciting program to promote and support the green initiatives at your service?

we have just what you need.


Environmental & Sustainability 

Our seasonal programs have been developed to entertain, educate and engage little minds as they learn about the wonderful outdoor world around them and become confident little growers, respectfully connecting with nature and it's changing cycles.


Specifically designed for Early Learning Organisations worldwide, the Little Garden Grower's Online Environmental Programs assist educators with the 'know how' that is needed to share the magic of growing edible plants, recycling and developing sustainable gardens through fun role plays, lesson plans, nursery stories and fairytales.

4 easy to access, simple to use programs for each of the seasons are available for purchase with certification provided upon completion.


Enviro Pack-Autumn -$79

Enviro Pack-Winter -$79-Peter Rabbit

Enviro Pack-Spring -$79 -Jack & The Beanstalk

Enviro Pack-Summer -$79- Evie the Strawberry Fairy


Mental Health & Wellness 

Available mid 2020- The Mind Wellness Online Program For Educators

Mindfulness in the garden- learn how to utilise your work environment to assist with daily stress levels, reduce overwhelm and evoke calm by embracing new lifestyle habits for yourself and the children in your care. Make everyday a great day with the Little Garden Grower's garden mindfulness philosophy.