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My Little Patch of Soil


We Love Soil!

Learn with us how to feed yourself whilst at the same time regenerate and create great soil on your own land, by focusing on making your little patch of soil the best it can be, which in turn benefits the community and planet at large.


Our dream is to put a vegetable garden into every home from Lismore to Brisbane!

The My Little Patch of Soil Program guides you through every step to create your first productive kitchen garden at home. For the first time veggie grower we help you discover the magic of growing vegetables, providing fresh organic produce for your family.

If you are ready to raise your home lifestyle up a level and start or end the day tending to veggies that you have grown, then we are excited to get you on your way to garden health and happiness!

We Love Gardening So Let Us Do The Hard Work

veggie garden

Starting your first home kitchen garden can be overwhelming 

let us help you create your edible patch and YOU TOO can grow together with your garden

Step 1: Choose your kitchen garden  Step 2: Book a date for installation Step 3: Be inspired by how easy gardening can be at your first coaching session Step 4: Watch your plants grow Step 5: Harvest and enjoy!

Know Your Season

eggplant 2


Let's go Mediterranean summer style with eggplant, tomatoes, capsicum and rocket!

chilli plant


 Plant out an exotic garden with heat loving veggies such as ginger, chilli and snake beans!



Perfect time to create a salad garden filled with lettuce, beans, radishes and rocket!



Think English garden crops like cabbage, broccoli, kale, silverbeet and spinach!

Home Kitchen Garden Pack

Mini Patch Starter - From $250

1 x cypress heartwood 1200 x 480 x 300mm garden bed

                                                            *Larger size options are available upon request (for additional cost)


Installation of  Vege Patch

2 x Garden Coaching Sessions

Seasonal Planting Plan

12 Months Online Coaching


1-on-1 Garden Coaching Session:

Already have an existing garden and just need a little help to get it thriving? Our coaching sessions can help.

         1- on -1 Coaching Session - $80 for 1hr

   Each coaching session includes:

Basic Site Analysis

Education on Australia's growing seasons

24 seedlings planted into your patch 

 Seasonal Planting Plan 

 Emails with tips on what to plant for the season


We spread garden health and happiness to homes

on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern NSW


Kitchen Garden Gift Voucher


Give your family member or friend the gift of an outdoor lifestyle that they will love - their very own edible garden


Book a session today and let's get growing together!


  • We want to see our current and future generations showing consideration and respect for the environment, taking pride in using their skills and knowledge to care for the earth, sharing their experience and helping others to do the same.


  • We will support our local community in environmental education with programs, activities and resources that make learning about environment and sustainability easier, more interesting and more fun, so that educators enjoy getting involved and feel enthusiastic about teaching these subjects.


  • We will continue to help childcare centres and care facilities by providing the programs, resources and support for them to take control of their environment and sustainability programs with ease.


  • We will help families to start growing their own produce at home by installing kitchen gardens and providing garden coaching both in person and online.
chives with flowers